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Free Delivery For Orders Over Rs.4,999/-
Free Delivery For Orders Over Rs.4,999/-

Payment Methods

Payment Methods


Pay into our bank account using transfer facility using your ATM card or Internet Banking. Details for transfer and bank account shall be emailed to you as with order confirmation at the time the order is successfully submitted.

If you haven't received an order confirmation email with the bank details, please drop us an email.

If you make the payment using your internet banking facility please use our email address when providing beneficiary details, also use the Order Number in reference. This will generate a receipt and will be sent to us enabling us to process your orders.

If you are making the payment using your ATM card, please email your receipt to Our email address with your order number.

Once your payment is confirmed your order will be shipped immediately. You will receive a confirmation email when your order is shipped.


For your convenience KLICKS also offers Cash on Delivery as a payment method against your purchase. You can pay in cash for your purchase when it arrives at your doorstep.

You will receive an email from KLICKS Customer Service to let you know your order is being dispatched so you can prepare for payment.

Please note that you must be sure that you are willing to receive and pay for your order; any customer refusing delivery of their orders will be restricted from ordering on KLICKS through the COD option in the future. This is important to ensure a two way trust between you and KLICKS. Please know that in such case we have to bear even the return cost of your order.

If you are a minor please make sure you have asked permission from your parents beforehand.


 JazzCash Mobile Account: JazzCash is the most convenient Mobile Account in Pakistan that moves with you. Millions of customers pay online directly from their JazzCash Account. Select this option and pay directly from your Jazzcash mobile account to us.

JazzCash Voucher Payment: Customers can pay at any shop across Pakistan that provides JazzCash service. There are around 60,000 agents throught Pakistan. Thus, you can simply choose this method get the voucher code, take it to a Jazzcash shop and pay cash with that code. Kindly whatsapp your transaction number once done, since this is an offline method.