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Free Delivery For Orders Over Rs.4,999/-

Lattafa Perfume Rooh Al Rooh Gold - 100ml

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Lattafa Rooh Al Rooh Gold 100Ml

It presents oriental agreements. The basic ingredients are of superior quality, which gives the perfume long lasting.
The LATTAFA brand is a creation essentially inspired by the term "verve", which represents passion and energy. Each perfume from the LATTAFA collection describes the same energy and enthusiasm, proving to be a source of inspiration to expose such a passion, every day. There are many features and characteristics that connect and are unique to certain flavors. Thus, the perfume becomes an incredible substance for expressing energy. LATTAFA is pleased to give the courage to all people, regardless of preferences, to remain passionate and flourishing in life. It must be a LATTAFA creation when you are dealing with renewed energy with each perfume and aroma, again and again.

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