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Free Delivery For Orders Over Rs.4,999/-

Contour Palette

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Ideal shades for contouring your face. Contour Palette is the perfect palette for a striking make-up. In order to create the perfect face shape, this product acts as a concealer and corrector and allows you to contour your face as you wish. With the shades in the palette, you may contour your eyes, cheekbones, nose, chin, and neck. You may also shade, shape, and highlight these areas.Flormar Contour Palette is easily applied thanks to its soft, creamy texture and easily blendable color pigments. The jojoba oil in its formula moisturizes and nourishes your skin.

1st Step: Apply Shade 1 in the center of the forehead, extend to the tip of the nose and chin. Then complete the application under the eyes and eyebrows.

2nd Step: Take Shade 2 and apply it as a thick line to the forehead scalp while following the hair routes line. The same color should be applied under cheekbones as a thick line.

3rd Step: Complete with Shade3 while applying a thin line over Shade2 on the forehead and under cheekbones as a parallel line to Shade 2. Shade3 also can be applied as a thin line over the jawline.

4th Step: In order to refresh a complexion, apply Shade 4 as a parallel line to Shade 2 over cheekbones. Start blending from the lightest areas while using gentle motions, complete blending with the darkest areas. It’s recommended to apply with FLAT FOUNDATION BRUSH and blend with Latex Sponge Set.